Friday, July 16, 2010

From the High Zero Foundation: Exotic Hypnotic

from the source:

Exotic Hypnotic: High Zero Foundation's 24-hours of extremely varied music sponsored by Baltimore Office of Promotion and The Arts.

University of Baltimore Performing Arts Center Student Theatre - 21 West Mount Royal Avenue, 5th Floor - Air Conditioned!!

Friday, July 16th, Free

2pm- Robby Rackleff: Eccentric multimedia monologist. 
3pm- Aaron Henkin: Producer of the Signal presents original radio documentaries. 
4pm- Square Pi: Experimental vocalist and sound-collage artist.

5pm- Baltimore Sacred Harp: Oldest American a cappella singing tradition comes alive. 
6pm- The Hammered: Grandiose theatrical heavy metal ensemble. 
7pm- Weyes Bluhd: Dark lo-fi ballads. 
8pm- Janitor: Homoerotic industrial  performance electronics. 
9pm- Annex Theater: Psychadelic dream-like theater work with puppets, live music, actors, and projection. 
Saturday, July 17th, Free

12pm- Avocado Happy Hour: Tuneful percussive oddities. 
1pm- Turquiose Cats: Electro feline minimal electronics. 
2pm- The Creepers: Wacky tortured songs with great lyrics. 
3pm- Jason Urick: Baltimore ping pong icon and legendary laptop jammer. 
4pm- Singers Madrigale: Wandering Traditional Renaissance voices. 
5pm- Stuart Saunders Smith: Avant-garde classical music. 
6pm- Summer Games (Schwartz/Fell/Boeldt): Money hungry boy band. 
7pm- Death Race 2000 (Broydelic Sidecar I + Stewart Mostofsky): Conceptual experimental supergroup meets 70's Carsploitation film. 
Sunday, July 18th, Free

12pm- Jah Hannibal/Aaron Martin/Britton Powell: Down-to-earth cosmic free jazz.

1pm- Nothingberry Plasma: One-man electronics and drum psychosis.

2pm- Stewart Mosotofsky, John Berndt, Kate Porter and friends.

3pm- Jeff Carey: Globe-trotting experimental electronic musician.

4pm- Andrew Bernstein: Electronic free-wheeling post-song rock.

5pm- Yoshiko Ohara w/ Gerry Mak: Doom and gloom from members of Bloody Ailuropoda melanoleuca.

6pm- Embarrassment Poems: A cavalcade of experimental language.

7pm- Baltimore Experimental Dance Group: Unusual movement and inspired oddity.

See the full schedule of events here:

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