Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Reviews: Lizz King, Salamander Wool, Katt Hernandez

New Reviews:

"A mature and fully realised work that becomes better with every listen." -- Terrascope on Lizz King's All Songs Go to Heaven

"This is an album that will delight and surprise every time it is heard." -- Terrascope on Salamander Wool's Lunarsophic Sonambulist

"Unlovely is never boring, predictable, or safe; it accepts and exploits the possibilities and potentialities of the violin is a way that’s nothing short of astonishing." -- Splice Today on Katt Hernandez's Unlovely

All three LPs are available from Ehse Records.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2010 High Zero Festival: Artists Announced!

This year's High Zero line-up is:

From Baltimore:

Ayako Kataoka, electronics
Drew Daniel, electronics
Stewart Mostofsky, electronics
M.C. Schmidt, electronics
Dan Deacon, electronics, tuba
Michael Muniak, feedback
Marc Miller, guitar
Owen Gardner, guitar
Shelly Blake-Plock, stringed instruments
Tiffany Defoe, saxophone
Ami Dang, sitar, voice, electronics
Liz Meredith, viola

From afar:

Keith Fullerton Whitman, electronics, Boston
Wobbly, electronics, California
Shayna Dunkelman, percussion, California
Li Tieqiao, saxophone, China
Karen Borca, bassoon, NYC
Tomoko Sauvage, porcelin bowls, Paris
Ju Suk Reet Meate, trumpet, Portland
Gary Smith, guitar, United Kingdom
Andrea Neumann, inner piano, Germany
Hans Koch, bass clarinet, Switzerland
Juan Jose Rivas, circuit bending, Mexico City
Tuna Pase,
voice, flute, and laptop, Istanbul
Dr. Johannes Rosenberg, violin, technology, Australia
Dragos Tara, MAX/MSP, acoustic bass, Switzerland

SOUND INSTALLATIONS: Tristan Perich, Karl Ekdahl, Julie Benoit

And a special opening week show at 2640 Space featuring Susan Alcorn and Claire E. Barratt.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Terrascope Reviews Salamander Wool

Terrascope on the new Salamander Wool LP:
About four minutes in, things start to click more into place and you realise that what you might just be listening to is a rough demo of a lost Incredible String Band album or that hurriedly shelved third Syd Barrett album before they packed him off to who knows where.