Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sidrassi Gamelan and Second Nature at the Creative Alliance, Baltimore: April 15, 2011

8PM at Creative Alliance, Baltimore
Friday, April 15, 2011

$10 general/ $5 members

Creative Alliance at The Patterson3134 Eastern Avenue
Baltimore Maryland 21224

Sidrassi Gamelan (Post-National Alternate Reality Ensemble No. 1):
Birtton Powel - light metronomes
John Berndt - Sidrassi Organus, gong, mixing desk
Neil Feather - wiggler, vibro-wheel array
Paul Neidhardt - gong
Anonymous - Gong
Owen Gardner - Sidrassi Organus
Andrew Bernstein - Sidrassi Organus
Mike Muniak - Sidrassi Organus
Stewart Mostofsky - Sidrassi Organus
Steve Korn - Sidrassi Organus
John Eaton - choir
Elisa Urtiaga - choir

This group will be playing new compositions written especially for it.

Second, the amazing Baltimore improvising orchestra, Second Nature, with:
Andy Hayleck - synth
Kate Porter - cello
Liz Merideth - viola
Paul Neidhardt - percussion, friction
Dan Breen - various
Tom Boram - various, voice
Sam Burt - bass clarinet, electronics
Rose Burt - reeds
Owen Gardner - cello
Mike Muniak - electronics
Elisa Urtiaga - voice
Shelly Blake-Plock - strings, etc.
Jeff Carey - electronics
Tiffany Defoe - reeds