Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 30: Salamander Wool LP Release

Reminder from Ehse Records:
Salamander Wool LP Release
Friday, April 30th, 9pm
at Tarantula Hill, 2118 W. Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD 21223
With performances by:
Salamander Wool
Needle Gun
Weyes Bluhd
Ami Dang & Jenny Graf & Nathan Bell

Monday, April 19, 2010

Triple Point - Pauline Oliveros, Jonas Braasch, and Doug Van Nort: Live at Red Room 4/24

Saturday, April 24th, $6

The Red Room
at Normals Books and Records
425 E. 31st Street Baltimore
Doors open at 8:30 

Triple Point ++ Michael Bullock ++ Joe Reinsel 
Triple Point - Pauline Oliveros (digital accordion), Jonas Braasch (soprano sax) and Doug Van Nort (laptop) - are an improvising trio in which a variety of synthesized acoustic sounds emanate from an accordion, acoustic saxophone is bent beyond recognition and all of these timbres are captured and transformed into a third set of sonic material via greis/laptop. The result is an ever-shifting tapestry guided by Deep Listening. Triple Point is the performance outlet for the trio's research/creation project that explores and experiments with intelligent interactive systems. Triple Point is also the location on a phase diagram wherein all phases of matter exist in thermodynamic equilibrium - a metaphor for the group's performance practice. This is where the trio operates exploring musical spaces and boundary conditions where contrasting ideas and streams can co-exist, while expanding the vocabulary of musical instruments acoustically (Braasch on soprano saxophone) and electronically (Oliveros, digital accordion and Expanded Instrument System, EIS, Doug van Nort on laptop and GREIS).

For many decades Pauline Oliveros has been actively expanding the voice of her main instrument, the accordion. Given the limited natural possibilities of this instrument with respect to sound (fixed tuning, no pitch bends, narrow variety in overtone spectrum), Oliveros has begun half a century ago to alter the sound of her instrument using tape delays and other electronic devices. Van Nort's work is based in digital signal processing, transforming Oliveros', Braasch's and his own sounds using Granular Synthesis, psychoacoustically-motivated sound analysis tools and Genetic Algorithms to explore new musical textures and timbres.

Michael Bullock does terrible, wonderful things with his contrabass. He rattles its thick, braid-like strings until they come to resemble a cyclone fence doing battle with a ferocious wind. He bows it with a quiet intensity that brings out every fiber of its physical being. He attacks it with alternative materials, leaving the bow aside like so much antiquated performance history. He takes the proud beast of an instrument and uses it to make expressly quiet noises. He takes an instrument capable of deeply sonorous experience, and turns it — mischievously, perhaps, but also concertedly — into a tool for sonic abrasion.

Joe Reinsel’s works have been performed at national and international events including: SIGGRAPH 2006, Zero One San Jose, Art Interactive, Contemporary Museum (Baltimore), University of Glasgow, Pixelache, Roulette, Deep Listening Space, Galapogos Arts Space, Tonic/subtonic, Engine27, and Mobius.

Also his projects have been supported by the Baltimore Museum of Art. New York State Council for the Arts, New York Foundation for the Arts,Maryland State Arts Council, William G. Baker Jr. Memorial Fund, Baltimore City Office of Promotion and the Arts, Freefall Baltimore,and Baltimore Community Foundation

Reinsel presently directs the Digital Media Arts Program at College of Notre Dame of Maryland. He has a Master of Fine Arts in Electronic Arts from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute(iEAR Studios), and a Master of Arts in Composition from Radford University.

Double Quadraphonic Endurance Event at the True Vine

Friday, April 23rd, Free Show at the True Vine Record Shop

Double Quadraphonic Endurance Event at the True Vine 
Can you endure all the quadraphony? Test your senses!

Strotter (turntable-machines) from Switzerland
Ear, Nose and Throat
Electric Junk Band

Strotter Inst. is Christoph Hess from Switzerland. He creates music through the use of old, modified, Lenco turntables which he modifies and manipulates in countless ways. Rubber bands are affixed to the rotating turntable and plucked by the stylus, records have tape affixed in patterns to create textural rhythms, electrical current is sent via live wires to the needle to create pulsing feedback. These sounds are then manipulated by Hess through effects pedals to create warm and dense sound structures, looping, rumbling rhythms and multilayered broken beats.
The music of Strotter Inst. has more in common with the anti-electronica of Pan Sonic or the early minimalism of Steve Reich, than to other experimental turntablists like eRikm, Philip Jeck or Christian Marclay. Hess’ roots are not in improvised music, but in industrial culture, the electronic avantgarde and electro-acoustic composition.

Christoph Hess is also a member of post-industrial band, Herpes Ö DeLuxe (since 1995) and the experimental doom-trio Sum Of R (since 2007). He has collaborated live with Sudden Infant, Maja Ratkje, and others. Strotter Inst. has performed throughout Europe, China, Russia, and Bolivia.

This event will be held at

True Vine Record Shop

3544 Hickory St (just off the Avenue in Hampden)
Event begins at 4 PM

Jack Wright, Pascal Batus, Michael Johnsen, Tyler Wilcox, Andy Hayleck, and Paul Neidhardt: Live at Red Room 4/21

Wednesday, April 21st, $6 

The Red Room
at Normals Books and Records
425 E. 31st Street Baltimore
Doors open at 8:30 

Improvised music with Jack Wright (saxophones), Pascal Batus (objects, pickup), Michael Johnsen (saw, electronics), Tyler Wilcox (saxophones), Andy Hayleck (electronics, amplified Gong) and Paul Neidhardt (percussion). 

The Red Room is overjoyed to present these improvisers of super-human sensitivity and creativity on its humble stage. Jack Wright is a legend of North American improvisation. Pascal Batus is an amazing sound-oriented guitarist from France who utilizes an unusual method of "stringless guitar". This is his first visit to Baltimore. Michael Johnsen is a singular mind, a contemporary improvement on both David Tudor's electronics and Paul Loven's saw playing. His visits to Bmore from Pittsburg are rare.

Opening the night is the (semi) local trio of Paul Niedhardt, Andy Hayleck and Tyler Wilcox. Paul and Andy are amongst the finest members of the local inprovised music scene. Both members of Trockeneis, they share some like-minded goals of psychically transporting, disorienting electronacoutic timbres. They are both masters of subtle, shifting sound fields full of odd colors and dark, metallic friction. Tyler Wilcox is a one-time resident of Baltimore and returns throughout the year to play with Paul, Andy and others. He is a multiple reeds player. Together, the music they make is likely to be really transcendent. You'd be a fool to miss this one.

Cellist Charles Curtis, plus "Deacon at Bernie's" (Dan Deacon and Andrew Bernstein) Live at the Red Room 4/20

Tuesday, April 20th, $6 

The Red Room
at Normals Books and Records
425 E. 31st Street Baltimore
Doors open at 8:30 

Cellist Charles Curtis, plus "Deacon at Bernie's" 

Charles Curtis is one of the most important 'cellists in new music. He has had works written for him by La Monte Young (Curtis being his foremost interpreter), Eliane Radigue and Alvin Lucier and is likewise experienced in more traditional classical music, having served as first solo 'cellist of the Symphony Orchestra of the North German Radio for over 10 years. That's not all! He's performed at all the cool weirdo clubs in New York (Tonic, Knitting Factory, CBGB's etc.) and collaborated with people like Elliott Sharp, David First, Bongwater and Borbetomagus.

Deacon at Bernie's is a collaboration between Baltimore musicians Dan Deacon (electronics) and Andrew Bernstein (saxophone, Teeth Mountain). Deacon is best-known for his more pop-oriented solo work, the subtle experimentalism of which comes full flower in this collaborative context with Bernie's nurturing saxophone. The two will be accompanying, modulating or overtaking three short films by Lillian Schwartz and Stan Van Der Beek, lovingly chosen by local experimental film maven Mary Helena Clark.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Salamander Wool LP now available online via

Salamander Wool's first release on Ehse Records is now available online.

Track List

Side A:
Moon of Arq
Blaq n White Coursed
Vesica Pisces
Lantern Bearer
Flame Afloat Pulpit

Side B:
A Language Before
Mothern Poem
Alien Beloved
Daylight of Midnight

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ehse Records to Release LP by Baltimore's Salamander Wool

Ehse Records to Release LP by Baltimore's Salamander Wool

Ehse Records will release a new LP by Baltimore's Salamander Wool on May 18th, 2010. There will be a special local-release show in Baltimore on April 30th, 2010 at Tarantula Hill (2118 W. Pratt St., Baltimore, MD 21223) with guests Needle Gun, Weyes Bluhd, Ami Dang & Jenny Graf & Nathan Bell, and Ian Nagoski spinning 78s.

"Salamander Wool is the fiber mineral asbestos, which shows a particular resilience to fire. This force field spins its own protective web."

And so on this, the first Ehse LP by Salamander Wool -- the solo project of Baltimore artist and musician Carson Garhart -- resilience and force fields abide in plucked and chimed tre-melodies and fleeting glances of recorded sound.

Garhart resides in the Carollton Ridge neighborhood of Baltimore where, "while living in a constant nomadic flux sailing down concrete rivers across known and unknown provinces, he paints musical landscapes". Using electronics, stringed instruments (homemade and other), voice, and poetry, Carson creates songs and movements meant for metaphysical keys and ecstatic dances.

Having released a solo album in 2004 with the Shinkoyo collective, Garhart plays in the time-travel band Sejayno and occasionally paints birds on his wall. His music is at once a revolt against modernity and an embracing of possible futures, especially ones that restore an age of light and life. 

See: for more album info.
For contact and updates on tour dates, see

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Salamander Wool “Lunarsophic Somnambulist” Record Release Party

Friday, April 30th, 9pm
at Tarantula Hill, 2118 W. Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD 21223
With performances by:
Salamander Wool
Needle Gun
Weyes Bluhd
Ami Dang & Jenny Graf & Nate Bell
+ Tom Boram and Dan Breen spinning records

Thursday, April 1, 2010

John Berndt: Upcoming Performances

John Berndt: Upcoming Performances

Friday, May 8th
John Berndt performing as part of Matana Roberts "Coin Coin" composition, Baltimore

Sunday, May 16th
John Berndt: "Three Algorithms: Strange connections between formal logic, disoriented experience, and experimental music." Lecture with concert.
Megapolis Festival, Baltimore

Saturday, May 22nd
John Berndt with Janel Leppin Group
at The Hexagon, Baltimore

Tuesday, May 25th
John Berndt (sax), Zach Branch (cello), Jon Rogerson (guitar), Will Redman (drums )
Out of Your Head Series
The Wind Up Space, Baltimore

Saturday, May 29th
Baltimore old-school Relabi dance partyw/DJ Berndt & others
at The Hexagon, Baltimore