Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ehse Records releases: new SEJAYNO LP 'QUANTUS'


SEJAYNO bring you QUANTUS, their third official album, which finds the trio delving further into the nebulous realms of INDUSTRY NOISE POP. Much of what you have come to love about Sejayno is still present: ancient-futurism, odd tunings, elegant theosophical ramble poetry, the gonzo, the stoned serene. However, with QUANTUS Sejayno have brazenly added new 21st century stylistics: slammed pop tunes derived from neo-conservative country music, Beck, new age retreat centers, and most glaringly, corporate globalism. QUANTUS begins Sejayno’s foray into REVERSE TIME MARKETING, which is an appropriation of corporate identities, logos, sigils, and techniques used by multinational brands. Their hit single, “ALIEN EYES” is a perfect example of Sejayno’s rebranding of SCION as it applies to SCI-AN-YO and the Priory of Sion, a French illuminati group from the Rennaisance period. To find out more about REVERSE TIME MARKETING, check out Sejayno on YouTube.

Sejayno is: Peter B, Carson Garhart, Severiano Martinez

Track List:

Opening Prayer
Internation Harvester I
Incantation Heterodyne
International Harvester II
Alien Eyes
Alien Miles
The Spirit of the Mulberry

LP available. $15 USD, postage paid.

CD-R's with high resolution files available at Ehse Records for $7.