Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lizz King: Tour Winter 2010

Lizz is coming to see you. Spread the word.

Jan 12 2010 8:00P the Blue Moon Saloon Shepherdstown, West Virginia
Jan 13 2010 8:00P Death By Audio w/ GDFX, Thick Business, Kate Ferencz, & The Dreebs NYC, New York
Jan 14 2010 8:00P 17 Mules w/ Holy Sheet & Brrmuda Providence, Rhode Island
Jan 15 2010 8:00P the Butcher Shoppe w/Isa Christ, Rotten Apples, The Great Valley Boston, MA
Jan 16 2010 8:00P Skrummage w/ Breezee One Detroit, MI
Jan 18 2010 8:00P Mixtapes w/ Breezee One & ChicaX East Moline, Illinois
Jan 19 2010 1:00P www.daytrotter.com Moline, Illinois
Jan 19 2010 8:00P Cactus Club w/Big Fun4ever, Breezee One, Magic Words Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Jan 21 2010 8:00P Ames Progressive Ames, Iowa
Jan 22 2010 8:00P The Picador w/ Breezee One & Datagun Iowa City, Iowa
Jan 24 2010 8:00P Rhinoceropolis Denver, CO
Jan 25 2010 8:00P Kilby Court w/ Tigergrrl & Breezee One Salt Lake City, Utah
Jan 27 2010 8:00P The Palace w/ w/ Breezee One, Colin Johnson(Vampire Hands)& Bryan Ramirez(ExCocaine) Missoula, Montana
Jan 30 2010 8:00P 6315 NE Rodney/ crosstreet Holman Portland, Oregon
Feb 1 2010 8:00P Pehrspace Kyle H. Mabson's bday slurprize w/ Breezee One & more tba Los Angeles, CA
Feb 4 2010 8:00P Club 1808 Austin, TX
Feb 5 2010 8:00P Super Happy Fun Club Houston, Texas
Feb 8 2010 8:00P tba Athens, Athens, Georgia
Feb 9 2010 8:00P The Tin Roof Charleston, South Carolina
Feb 10 2010 8:00P The Nightlight Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Feb 11 2010 8:00P Slim's Raleigh, North Carolina
Feb 16 2010 8:00P The Tipsy Teapot Greenville, North Carolina
Feb 24 2010 8:00P The Golden West Baltimore, Maryland

Friday, January 15, 2010


Geodesic Gnome presents

Friday, January 15, 2010
8:00pm - 11:00pm 2640 Space 2640 St. Paul Street Baltimore, MD

Don't miss this major event! John Berndt, Stephanie Barber, Ric Royer and
Connor Kizer's COLLINSPORT is an inquiry into the structural anomalies of
Dark Shadows (1966-1971), the American gothic-occult soap-opera famous for
its unstable cast, momentum-less plot, and unusually over-elaborate dialog.

In this multimedia production of COLLINSPORT performed by Geodesic Gnome,
all these elements and more are made to spin faster and faster in a
test-tube until a precipitate of pure, undiluted reason drops onto the floor
and shatters along with the known universe. Carved from the molten ice of
psychedelic-logical-modality, the piece is a direct expression of your
greatest fears about misunderstanding, enthused lethargy, and, well,
vampires. Add to this the obscure theory of 'paradox paradoxes' which
threatens to consume all of semantics and what have you got?


With the immortal talents of:

Connor Kizer
Stephanie Barber
Lexie Mountain
Peter Blasser
John Eaton
Samuel Burt
Ric Royer
Sarah El Jallad
John Berndt
Mike Muniak
Melissa Moore
Peter Blasser
Kate Porter
Liz Meredith

Geodesic Gnome is Baltimore's meta-conceptual super-group, performing
boundary-defying philosophy and paradoxes-as-structure, lead by John Berndt.
In this case the group is joined by Baltimore geniuses Connor Kizer and
Stephanie Barber for this unique tribute to the Dark Shadows of Dark

Needle Gun and Sejayno Reviewed in Terrascope

Mixing avant-garde strangeness, free jazz skronks, a punk aesthetic and anything else they fancy, the album is a rollercoaster ride for your ears.

Terrascope reviewing 'Afternoon Computer Umbrage' LP from Ehse.

Definitely, or maybe defiantly psychedelic, the tracks have weird tunings, odd mixes and an alien air about them, sounding like space-rock played by drunk Venusians, a spiritual quest performed in a shopping mall, the end of the world reduced to a video game.

From a review on 'Quantus' in Terrascope. That record is also available from Ehse.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Multiphonic Choir and Melissa Moore: Live Tonight at Wind Up Space, Baltimore

The Multiphonic Choir
A Night of Exuberant AFRO-GERMANICISM

1/14/10, 9PM, $6

The Wind Up Space
12 West North Avenue

Melissa Moore:
Wake-making: Ceremony of a Polyrhythmic Biogram

The Multiphonic Choir
Music of John Berndt, Sun Ra, Kraftwerk, and Daktaris

AFRO-GERMANICISM, the sensibility that no one wants but everyone loves, was born in Baltimore, The Ambiguity City, where the forcing of contradictions between historically opposed sensibilities comes as natural as beavers building beaver dams or human beings building nuclear power plants.This show combines the talents of two of the "thought leaders" of the genre, Melissa Moore and the Multiphonic Choir.

In *Wake-making: Ceremony of a Polyrhythmic Biogram*...
"“The diagram becomes a type of topological transformation, variably looping between virtual potential and the actualized possibility.” (Doruff 2006) I attempt to create moments that are in transport and go between re-articulations and potentialities { future – past – becoming }. An “abstract machine” of sorts. One that is unstable and contains a spatiotemporal duplicity. A system that precludes form but paradoxically organizes itself into a pseudo-form. With the use of traditional African ceremonial drumming music, invented polyrhythm machines, and electric guitar, I am employing a technique that shifts layered polyrhythms into abstract polyrhythms that are biogrammatic in nature; a language of the body that brings external realities into the internal field."-Melissa Moore

The Multiphonic Choir
John Berndt's AFRO-GERMANICIST ensemble includes some of the best musicians in Baltimore: John Dierker, Chris Pumphrey, Tiffany Defoe, Rose Burt and John Berndt (Saxophones), Dan Breen (electric bass), and Paul Neidhardt (drums). Using extended multiphonic technique, the band has a unique sound and rock-band intensity mixed with complex structure and rhythms. Together they play new compositions by Berndt, as well as unusual covers of pieces by Daktaris, Sun Ra, and Kraftwerk.

"Rather elaborate boots": Bmoremusic.net Photo Set of Lizz King LP Release

Bmoremusic.net has posted a great set of pics from the release party for Lizz King's new LP: "All Songs Go to Heaven".

Lizz is currently touring North America.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lizz King: City Paper Interview

"I'm 29, and I've been playing open mics and music in general since I was 16," she says. "And it's taken me a lot of pushing from other people to get me to be legitimate. To get me to be, like, Oh, duh, I should have a music MySpace page. OK, you're right, I should have an amplifier."

- Lizz King interviewed in City Paper, 2010

Read the whole interview here.