Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Annual Red Room Holiday Show

Red Room
Thursday, December 30th, $5

John Dierker, Will Redman, Mark Miller, Stewart Mostofsky, Jeff Carey, Alex Weber, and Adam Hopkins 
A Red Room holiday tradition for nearly 15 years, John Dierker will lead a diverse group of musicians in improvised music sets ranging from duos to large ensemble


Friday, December 24, 2010

Ehse is proud to announce the release of Ami Dang’s new album, "Hukam" (Ehse 017) February 20, 2010

Ami Dang
"Hukam" (Ehse 017)
Ehse Records

Ehse to Drop New LP by Ami Dang: the Baltimore Underground Id of a Bollywood Diva

Consider Ami Dang running for class president of this year’s crop of “New Weird World”. Creating melodies out of a mixed bazaar of sitar and hallucinogenic dance pop coupled with the right balance of underground menace and chill sweetness, Ami Dang has crafted an album that brings the world’s lesser traveled streets alive with Eastern nuance and a Western wink.
“Crafted from an intersecting background of classical sitar and composition, experimental electronics and visual performance, combined with a deep love for ’90s dance beats and a fuzzy memory of megaphones blaring Indian pop songs into the streets of New Delhi.” 
- Arthur Magazine
Dang hails from Baltimore by way of New Delhi and Punjab. Her music combines the sound of these geographies -- part Dan Deacon, part K Swift, part Ravi Shankar, part M.I.A., part Lata Mangeshkar. Her explorations lead to catchy Baltimore Club inspired pop tracks with an experimental sensibility coupled with electronic arrangements of Sikh hymns and musical raga.
“Her voice ranges from subtle and sublime to massive and nearly overwhelming in power... I’m convinced that given the right amping, Dang could obliterate buildings with them.”
Aural States
Thoroughly 21st century in every way, Ami Dang’s “Hukam” is contemporary global experimental pop at its twisted best. With sweet sitar melodies, Bollywood-diva style vocals, and both minimal and maximal electronic production, her music—pop, experimental, ambient, and house—is ripe for 2011 and beyond.
“Unabashedly into pop... instantly charismatic and catchy... dancing across the stage in a bright turquoise and pink dress, surrounded by bright rhythmic electro-pop... laying trained classical sitar over layers of drone and textured electronic feedback. This is a rare and promising combination, and absolutely one we should all be watching.”
- Impose Magazine
Ehse is proud to announce the release of Ami Dang’s new album, "Hukam" (Ehse 017) February 20, 2010.
“It's abrupt when you hear Indian classical music as meditative and spiritual--that is, as it is intended to be. And it's even more abrupt when it's heard woven into Western avant-garde music, each element working to develop/unshroud the other. This act is a large part of the sublime art of Ami Dang.”
- City Paper